Donaghmede Newsletter Article by Katie Norton, 6th Class

By | 6th October 2017

As a new school year starts and students are just settling in, many things are happening within the school. Between a new school building and special occasions, this article will hopefully shed some light on what is going on this new term in Holy Trinity S.N.S.

As you look at Holy Trinity, more than likely, the first thing you will notice is that around one quarter of the 3rd and 4th class yard is sectioned off by a building site. ‘Le Chéile’, which means ‘together’ in Irish, has been built over the summer and is near completion. The building is for children with special needs who need special attention. There will be 1 classroom and plenty of facilities for the children who need them.

During the school year, many special occasions take place. Even though we have only gotten back to school, we have already had 3 celebrations. They are; Parent’s Week, Healthy-Eating Week and Dub’s Day. Parent’s Week was all about the parents of students getting acquainted with the school and its teachers. The 3rd class parents came in on the Tuesday, the 4th class parents on the Wednesday, and finally, the 5th and 6th class parents came in on the Thursday. During Healthy-Eating Week we were told what healthy foods we could eat for breakfast and lunch. We were also given recipes for healthy foods like Greek yogurt berry bars and healthy jam. Did you know jam has 47 teaspoons of sugar in it? We had Dub’s Day to support the Dublin team in the All Ireland Final. We all dressed up in blue and had a fun day! Coming up also is Halloween, when we will have our Halloween costume competition. The winner will get a prize and a whole load of praise!

In the March of 2018, the four 6th classes will be making their Confirmation. Even though it’s a long time away, preparations have already begun! The parent Confirmation meeting took place on the 3rd of October. The parents discussed what events are happening and when with the priest.

Also with the 6th class, in 2018 they will be transitioning from primary school to secondary school, a big step in their education. They have given their admission forms and are now only awaiting their acceptance letter.

In conclusion, the first term in Holy Trinity is going splendidly, students are settling in and progress is being made. So, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this article and find out what is going on, this first term in Holy Trinity S.N.S.

Is fiú agus is fédir,

By Katie Norton, 6th Class.