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The Department of Education and Skills wishes to recognise schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community by awarding them with the Active School Flag (ASF). Our school has registered for the process which requires us to review our current provision and to plan, implement and monitor improvements across a number of areas under the following broad headings – P.E., physical activity throughout the school day, partnerships and Active School Week. The flag is a whole-school initiative so parental involvement is an essential aspect to this process.

Learning how to fix a puncture!

We will post regular updates under this tab on the school website, and we have set up a notice-board in the foyer to display information about relevant and topical events and activities. Ideas for new activities are very welcome and we are always looking for new ideas how we can keep Holy Trinity Active!

Over the last few months we have been extremely busy setting up this new initiative in our school. We selected 12 active Agents from 5th and 6th classes who have been working very hard since September to help Ms Monaghan in setting up all new initiatives in our school.
As part of the Active Flag, you need an active motto for your school. We held a competition to select our motto. Saoirse Foy from 5th class won our competition. The Winning slogan was ‘Dance Crazy or Stay Lazy’.

Well done Saoirse!

There is no time limit within which we have to implement improvements in your school for the Active Flag and we already comply with most of the requirements for the ASF. The goal is that all members of the school community work together to promote the importance and benefits of physical activity as part of daily school life. With this in mind, we have introduced the following initiatives:

  • ‘Do your talking as you’re walking’ – This is where we are encouraging all the children to talk to their friends while moving in the yard rather than staying stationary
  • We have purchased an Active Flag mascot which is making his way around many homes during this school year. We are asking that the whole family try to do an active activity when Active
  • Archie reaches your home and write it in his journal, giving other suggestions on how  they could also stay active.
  • We held a Santa Dash’ on the 21st of December in Father Collins park where the whole school partook on a run  before we got our school holidays
  • All classes take ‘Brain Breaks’ on a regular basis, i.e. a 5 minute sessions of fun physical activities which can take place in a classroom setting (as a transition between subjects for example).
  • The Active School Flag committee has designed a box of task cards that the teachers or students can choose a task card from.
  • We have also held a dead week – Drop our school work and start dancing when music is played over the intercom
  • Road safety Authority visited our school and carried out a workshop for each class group on how we can be safe pedestrians to encourage children to walk to school rather the going by car.
  • All children will be completing activity journals during the month of April. This is where we want everyone in the school to attempt to get the required 60 minutes of physical activity a day.

Active School Week is taking place from the 15th-19th of April. If you have any suggestions on  activities which we could do during this week or feel you could share your skills in any sports with us, please Contact Ms Monaghan

Useful links : – Father Collins Parkrun takes place every Saturday at 9:30am – updated list of events happening around the country to encourage all to stay fit and healthy

Active Week 2016!

A week of fun, memories and laughter at Holy Trinity with a few rain showers thrown in! 

Active week started on April 25th with music in the yard at 8:50. Many people were very nervous dancing in front of their classmates but with music been played daily during break times also, this soon disappeared. It has been such a hit with the children that Ms Monaghan has commenced FUN FRIDAYS – this is music in the yard for everyone to dance to during the break. 

Monday of Active week also saw all the third classes heading off for ‘Walk a Mile with a Smile’ to Fr Collins Park. Throughout the day, each class also partook in their own class Skipathon with the overall final taking place before home time. Georgia Ingle and Daniel Vilhemov were our winners with Ms Free winning the teachers competition.

Tuesday saw Ultimate Frisbee take over Holy Trinity with all 5th and 6th classes partaking in a taster session in the sport! It was a wet miserable day with many groups having to take shelter from rain showers during their workshop but nothing was going to dampen everyone’s spirits. The children really enjoyed getting to try out a different sport with many asking can we have it next year during Active Week again. There was also cycling training for some classes on this day which was organised by the Green School Committee.

Wednesday was probably one of the most enjoyable and fun filled days that Holy Trinity has had in recent times. We held our Donaghmede to Cahirciveen Challenge. We aimed to run the 367 km during the one School day to run the distance to our Principal Mr Grogans hometown. Each class were given their assigned time to help clock up the distance. Every lap the children ran, they collected a lollypop stick which, with the help of the Active Agents and Mr Henry, we calculated how far on our journey we have got. Wednesday afternoon, Mr Grogan with his Kerry flag in hand completed the final lap of our journey helping us reach our destination. It was a great day for the children and staff of Holy Trinity.

Our final day of Active Week, was as energetic as the rest of the week. The 3rd classes all partook in a Zumba Session with Amy Allen of Mindkrash Dance Company in Baldoyle.  The children enjoyed dancing to some well-known songs as well as some new ones. Unfortunately, Cricket Ireland was due to pay the school a visit that afternoon to work with our 4th classes but due to the bad weather on this day, they couldn’t bring the classes outside. But not to disappoint the children, they came back the following week, to let the children try out a sport which many would not be familiar with.

Active Week 2016 – A fantastic and success week with all the children (and teachers ) having fun, creating good memories and most importantly  getting active! We are already looking forward to Active Week 2017.