Active Flag

Active week 2018- What an exciting week where champions were crowned, memories were created laughter was witnessed and a few rain showers kept Ms Monaghan on her toes organising the week’s events!

Active week kicked off on April 23rd with our day been jam packed! The day started with 2 of the 6thclasses partaking in Outdoor Activities where they all had to work as a team to complete their challenges! Their balancing skills were definitely tested when trying to order themselves by their birth month while standing on benches! Team work and co-operation was definitely a must for this one!

Next up was, the 3rd classes where they also tried out some orienteering tasks while practicing their Maths and memories skills! Solving Cluedo Holy Trinity Style was definitely a hit with our 3rd classes! Each class today also had ‘Get out of your seat ‘time where they partook in simple active activities in the classroom. On Monday, everyone tried out boxercise to the music of Pokerface by Lady GAGA. Different activities happened each day during the week!

While all this madness and getting active was happening in the yard, things were getting competitive on the field where our HT Púc Fada 2018 was taking places. Classes were brought out, one by one , with an overall final for each year group before home time. All the school went out to watch and there was great excitement as our 2018 champions were revealed. Our 3rd Class winners were Callan Byrne and Amy Hennessy while our 4th Class winners were Emily Rooney and Luis Stanley. Kelsey O’ Mahony and Cillian Meehan were crowned the 5th Class Champions while Christopher Mulligan and Siobhan Cassidy Fagan took the titles in 6th Class. Well Done to all!

Tuesday’s weather really played a role in the days proceedings with many activities having to be postponed. However, our Hang Tight Competition wasn’t affected and a tense atmosphere was experienced by all in the Lé Cheile building where events were taking place. Under the surveillance of 5th and 6thClass active assistants and Ms Keating, all the children were tested and timed to see how long they could last! There are definitely some strong individuals in Holy Trinity. As a result of the strength of the pupils and the time spent by all on the bar, not all the children got to compete. Hence the challenge was carried forward to Thursday and Friday where Ian Aficial from Ms O’Connor’s Class was crowned the overall ‘Hang Tight winner for 2018’. Ian lasted 2 mins 5 seconds holding onto the bar. The girl’s winner was Ella McKeown from Ms O’Neill’s 5th Class who lasted 2 mins 4seconds. Chloe Stewart won the title from our Lé Chéile classes while Mr Keely was crowned the teachers champion for 2018.

On Wednesday, we took a break from Active Week as Arts Day was taking place. However, Mr C Henry led Dance Workshops for all the 3rd and 4th Classes. This gave him great practice for what was to come on Thursday! Holy Trinity staff really do love where they work and this could be seen on Thursday where our ‘Dancing Diva’ teachers AKA Mr C Henry and Ms L O’Neill led the whole school in an aerobics workout on the roof of the school! The children really enjoyed this and there were great screams of excitement when the Dancing Divas appeared and dressed ready for the occasion! Thursday and Friday also seen more classes try out outdoor activities and orienteering challenges with Ms Monaghan while Ms O’Neill took the 6th classes for a taster session of Tag Rugby. Friday’s weather really interfered with our annual Skipathon with some classes not been able to compete to get their class champions. It might have taken us a few weeks with the weather but on the 10th of May we were able to hold our final and crown our champions. Ally Anne Trainor in 6th won their overall title for a second year in a row with Alex Vilhemov in 5th finishing in second place. Ms Dunne won the teachers competition to great delight of all the children.

Active Week 2018 was definitely one to remember! We are already looking forward to the school year 2018-2019 to all the fun and active events that we will have!