Active Schools Week

Active Week 2019! A week of fun, memories, lots of sweat and laughter at Holy Trinity with a few rain showers thrown in! You can check out the hectic schedule here: Active Week 2019: Schedule


Our Active Week kicked off with Holy Trinity attending the Junior Park Run on Sunday 7th of April. Over forty children ran the 2km course around St Anne’s Park with Ryan Filardi the first to cross the finish line from Holy Trinity. We were very lucky that during the previous week, Gillian and Paul from Park Run Raheny visited our school and explained about race and showed some classes the equipment used during the Park Run. It was fantastic to see so many children and their parents out having fun and getting active at the same time!


Active Week continued on the Monday in the school. As part of the week, we had a ‘Scores on the Doors’ Challenge. This is where we encouraged Active Travel where the children walked, cycled or scooted to school rather than using cars. The numbers from each class that used Active Travel was put on their classroom doors and recorded daily by our Active Agents.  The Active Agents had another very important job to do ahead of Active Week . They created Active Homework for all the children to do nightly. This homework replaced as regular piece of homework each night for the week. Check them out here: Active Week Fit4Fun Challenges! 🙂

Monday was a busy morning in HT with 3rd classes all partaking in Outdoor Activities. They are all experts at team work now after working together to complete many different challenges. 4th class also continued their weekly Tennis lessons. While, Ms Keating’s Lé Chéile class partook in a relaxing Yoga session to prepare everyone for the busy and enjoyable week ahead. The whole school also partook in DEAD daily with DJ Rasta playing tunes over the intercom!

Roll the Dice Challenges in our classrooms has been one of our Active Breaks for the past number of months. One of the challenges is ‘The Plank’. Hence, it became evident, we needed to find our longest Plank Champ of Holy Trinity. Mr C Henry brought classes out individually and found our girl and boy champs which then accumulated with our overall final which saw Teigan Caffrey Nesbitt from 3rd Class crowned as our champion lasting an impressive 9 minutes 36 seconds. What an achievement. Throughout the week, many classes also headed to Father Collins Park to complete Playground Circuits upon the playground equipment. 

Tiegan Caffrey Nesbitt who held the Longest Plank in Holy Trinity with a time of 9mins 36 secs…..Ouch! I mean….WOW!

Mr. Fitzgibbon’s 3rd Class had lots of fun during their Outdoor Activities 🙂


At lunch time, we had a very Active yard with our Active Zones in full swing as normal with our skipping area, Hula Hoop zone and games area. Extra games were organised for Active Week by the playground leaders with Welly throwing, matching running games (with our Playground leaders faces on cards) and Volleyball being enjoyed by all.  Music was also played daily with Ms. Monaghan handing over the reign to her understudy and 6th class student DJ Cono ( Layla Conolly) who entertained her fans to great delight by all.  Active Week also seen the start of the 3rd  Class Mini league in Gaelic football which takes place every Tuesday and Thursday for the next number of weeks.


Tuesday saw Ultimate Frisbee take over Holy Trinity with all 4th and 6th classes partaking in a taster session in the sport! The children really enjoyed getting to try out a different sport which they hadn’t played before.  Ms Monaghan’s 6th class also partook in a Treasure Hunt in Irish around our school organised by Donahies Secondary School. Ms Kelly and Ms McCormick’s class also continued their 5 week swimming programme in the local swimming pool.  The Run around Ireland challenge continued with everyone attempting to run 1km a day during Active Week.


Wednesday was another fun filled day with 6th classes partaking in Orienteering with a Maths Twist. Children had to locate 10 markers around the school and draw symbol found on their control card. They then had to solve sports related Maths questions with their partners. 5th Class had the fantastic opportunity of trying out an Olympic Sport- Laser Run. Laser Run makes up part of the sport Pentathlon where you compete in 5 different sports. DJ Rasta was back on the Airwaves with her Wednesday Whip Nae Nae. The voice of DJ Rasta could definitely become a regular feature around the hallways of Holy Trinity. The afternoon seen a lot of shouting and roaring in our yard as a variety of classes tried out Cluedo Holy Trinity Style which was definitely a hit by all along with Gutterball challenges!  A group of 6th class pupils also continued their Boxing programme with Boxing Ireland in the National Stadium.


Thursday, we held one the highlights of every school year- The Skipathon. Throughout the day, three 6th Class pupils brought each class also partake in their own class Skipathon with the overall final taking place before home time. As the final got underway, the yard was filled with the roars of encouragement by all the other pupils. The standard was high and winning the title of ‘HT Skipathon Champion’ was not going to be an easy task. However having contested every final since he joined Holy Trinity, Alex Vilhemov in 6th won the overall title with Kai Malone in 3rd finishing in second place. Miss Baker won the teachers competition.




Alex Vilhemov from Mr. C. Henry’s

6th Class was our pupil’s Skipathon champion.

Well done Alex!












Ms. Baker, the teacher’s champion! Some say she never let the skipping rope out of her hands as she grew up in the midlands as a child….others say she’s just naturally talented. Well done! I’m sure this will be a hotly contested title for next year’s Skipathon 🙂






Friday saw the accumulation of the best Active Week we have had to date. DJ Rasta was back on the Airwaves but this time with a sports quiz for all the classes to partake in. The questions for the quiz was organised and written by 2 of our 6th Class pupils – Jack Lawlor and Ella McKeown. Ella joined DJ Rasta on the airwaves reading out some of the questions and answers. Our week concluded with our Danceathon which saw Ms O’Neill joined by a 6th Class pupil and Active Agent Layla Conolly on the roof to lead all the classes in a whole school Aerobic workout.




Active Week 2019- A fantastic and successful week with all the children (and teachers) having fun, creating great memories and most importantly getting active! Thanks to Ms. O’Reilly’s class who summed up the spirit of being an Active School. Check out their rap here: Holy Trinity Active Rap


A massive thank you to all staff members who made the week possible. Special thanks to Ms. Monaghan, the mastermind behind all things Active. We are already looking forward to Active Week 2020!