Active Week 2023

By | 26th June 2023

Active Week, as always, is one of our favourite weeks at Holy Trinity. On Monday, the whole school participated in a ‘High Tight’ competition in our new playground. Led by Ms. Keating and Ms. Monaghan, a year group and an overall school champion were decided upon. The children at Holy Trinity really do have a lot of strength in their arms and …minds.
The school field was also a hive of activity on Monday, with Ms. Fitzgibbon and 6th-class pupils organising a Cic Fáda contest for all to partake in. Michael Mallon in Mr. Curran’s 6th class was crowned champion. Maith thú! 
While all this fun was occurring on the school grounds, all the 5th classes headed off to the beach, clocking up their steps on their adventures. The day concluded with our ‘Slán to the 6th Girls’ GAA game, where Holy Trinity took on our neighbouring school, St Pauls of Ayrefield, in a friendly game that saw our amazing 6th class girls wear the red and black of Holy Trinity for a final time.
On Tuesday, the fun continued with the 6th class, Howth Cliffwalk, with their teachers and principal, Mr. Henry. It was a scorching hot day, so there were many red faces and sore legs on returning to school! In the school, Ms. T. Fitzgibbon provided the 5th classes with the fantastic opportunity to learn and partake in wheelchair basketball. It was a great learning experience for the children. While the basketball court was buzzing with laughter and happiness, the rest of the yard was jumping for joy at the sight of Active Week, with our annual Skipathon taking place, which saw Joshua Delaney Kinsella in Monaghan’s 4th class crowned the overall champion, with our amazing SNA Ally taking home bragging rights as the staff champion.
As the sun shone down on Wednesday, energy levels and the range of activities increased. The 4th classes competed in an interclass competition in the game ’Capture the Flag,” where even the teachers wanted to get involved. Yes, Ms Keating, we are talking about you! The 3rd and 5th classes participated in an interclass basketball blitz, while the 6th classes held a soccer tournament. The highlight of the day was the Active Stations boot camp, organised and led by Ms. Monaghan’s 4th class pupils for all the pupils in 3rd class. They planned and ran six stations ranging in activities such as taking penalties, throwing games, and tasks to increase the children’s step count and heart rates, such as the colour cone games.
On Thursday, the 3rd and 5th classes had their sports day, while the 4th classes participated in a dodgeball tournament, with Ms. Keating’s class crowned the winner. The week concluded with the 4th and 6th class Sports Day on Friday, while the 3rd and 5th classes visited Fr. Collins Park to enjoy the last day of Active Week.
A busy but active and enjoyable week was had by all. Here’s to Active Week 2024.