Holy Trinity SNS 202020 Challenge

Holy Trinity SNS 202020 Challenge
We are asking as many people as possible to take part in 20 minutes of your chosen activity every day for 20 days in a row.
We aim to raise as much funds as possible to help with Holy Trinity’s School building project.
Your chosen activity may include- running, swimming, skipping or whatever you fancy yourself….
See below for our 20-day programme for all to follow if you like.
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Our GoFundMe link is as follows
See also our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates:

Follow Along Videos:

Zumba with Amy: Click Here

Yoga with Ms. Heffernan: Click Here

Basketball with Mr. Fitzgibbon & Mr. Downes: Click Here

Boxing with Mr. O’Neill & Mr. Keely: Click Here

Gymnastics with Ms. Woods: Click Here

Zumba with Ms. Baker: Click Here

GB Coaching 202020 challenge video: Click Here